On Love

On Love

What is love?

Love is a Light
that guides
you through the dark
That enlightens
your heart
when it’s cold

When your mind
thinks the answers
Your heart
knows the answers
They are there
waiting for you to be found

Always there
Waiting for you to be séén
Seen by the Light
Seen by the Love
Always there
Always present
In you

Love is a feeling
A gentle pulling at your heart
A cord bound to the Light
A cord of Light
A string of warmth,
compassion and trust
Patiently waiting for you
to choose

To choose to go
on your journey within
Silence and solitude
will help you on your way

Dive in deep
Trust your feelings
Ride the waves
right through the storms
Till calmer shores will welcome you

Patience and trust guide your way
Angelic wings will speed to help
The only thing you need to do
is ask

Help will be there
Answers will present themselves
Light will be your guide
Love will warm your heart

Follow the joy
Leave fear behind
Let your heart sing




What you are



Selena Coumans